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"Creating a new 'third force,' the Ethical Front"

1991-Led the fight for one man, one vote in the City elections in Dallas with Roger Staubach, Roy Williams, and Marvin Crenshaw. It was a national test case as reported in Governance by Decree: The Impact of the Voting Right's Act in Dallas by Ruth P.Morgan.  Our investigation sealed the victory against the forces backed by the then-President George Bush, whose interests were fronted by the sister-in-law of the Democrat Party operative, Ambassador Robert Strauss, all of this is set out in

1992-Testified in a closed session of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission convened in Jacksonville, Florida that the "one man, one vote battle,  successfully fought in Dallas,  had been transferred to Jacksonville and that It was now the "ground zero" of the fight."

1993-Co-authored "Democracide: The Far Right's Path to Power.  Immediately, the Anti-Defamation League published a counter book to the vital information contained in

1995-The Chamber by the author John Grisham was also published in order to offset the information contained in Democracide.  The Chamber  was the #7 best seller in the world for the decade of the 90's. Using Marvin Kramer as a central character, the book was written and published to direct me to the coded threats contained in its pages. The code has been deciphered in

2004-Created the "Save the Republic Project." Its purpose was to produce an educational video course entitled The Transformation of America's Pro-Democracy Institutions with the help of Professor Harvey Wheeler, former Program Director at the prestigious Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions located in Santa Barbara, California.  The project was curtailed with the death of Professor Wheeler.  However, it was the impetus for the creation of The Political Epidemiology Institute, whose website is located at

2016-One of the featured speakers at the Inaugural Sun Tsu's Art of War Conference at Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, Tennessee on February 27, 2016. The topic was "How Sun Tzu's Art of War has helped the

fight for democracy and civil rights in the Deep South." Information on the conference can be found at

 Chronological Highlights of Political Activities

1961-To Present


1961-Strategist for my father who was responsible, as the Selection Chairman of the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida,  for breaking the "color barrier" in collegiate football in the Deep South.

1964-While an assistant prosecutor in the criminal courts in Jacksonville,  refused to cover up a police brutality case, was subsequently suspended, and after resigning convinced the judge, in the court where I had been a prosecutor, to run for Mayor against the candidate representing the oligarchic power system which included my father.  In the next election, after we moved to Dallas, Texas, that Judge, Hans Tanzler, became the Mayor of Jacksonville.

1968-Confirmed by Congress to be Deputy Chief of Staff of the Department of Emergency Planning (Civil Defense and Stockpiling of Strategic Materiel).  Resigned after not receiving the financial compensation as promised.


1978-Spokesperson for the American Jewish Congress.  Requested an updated report of anti-Semitism in the Dallas area from the Anti-Defamation League.  They responded by presenting an old report from the California area. I pressed the issue with the ADL.  A few weeks later, I was advised by the Director of the American Jewish Congress that three Israeli Mossad agents were in Dallas and would like to meet with me.  Immediately after our meeting, I was removed, not only, as the Spokesperson, but also, from the Board of Directors.


1981-Co-Founder of Victory Sports Management with two partners, one of which was in the NFL Hall of Fame. It was the first integrated sports management firm.

1986-Campaign manager for John Vance, a Republican, who won the election for District Attorney of Dallas County without the prior endorsement of the  Republican Party during the Republican primaries.


This site is dedicated to the memory of the great German Professor, Friedrich Wilhelm Foerster.

"In the early 20's in Germany, Foerster, Walter Rathanau, and a number of others were marked for assassination.  All but Foerster were killed.  A general, remembering his Moltke background, awoke him in the middle of the night, Foerster escaped to Switzerland.  He never returned to Germany."

"But did this stop his efforts, though warned that he would be killed?  He continued to write and act.  His books were like rockets, not in their destructive  effectiveness, for they failed in that respect, but in the fierce light they cast upon Pan-Germanism or its newest name, Nazism.  At the trial, he testified:  "What was Pan-Germanism?  Nationalism fell into the German soul like a match into a gasoline tank."  Pan-Germanism formed a block all over the world to destroy all states which had German minorities."

"But he was not content with mere writing.  He was also a man of action."

"In 1927, the German Staff planned a coup.  They induced the German Minister Gustav Stresemann to announce at the League of Nations [forerunner to the United Nations] that Germany had disarmed in accordance with the Versailles Treaty and that therefore the other nations should disarm. Had the deception succeeded, the Nazis would have attacked earlier and perhaps successfully."

"Through secret channels [having a close friend in German military intelligence], he discovered the full details of the enormous rearmament program that was being effectuated behind the screen of the Weimar Republic.  He even learned that the General Staff planned to attack Poland first as it later did in World War II."

"He Published a complete expose of these facts, including the precise number of machine guns manufactured as "baby carriages," the number of Stuka dive bomber pilots being trained in so-called innocuous glider schools, and the specific military maneuvers being held in anticipation of the invasion of Denmark, Norway, and France."

"Foerster hastily published a special treatise of these revelations and arranged with French Minister Aristide Briand to place a copy on the desk of each delegate of the League of Nations on the very morning Stresemann was to speak.  When the German Minister arose to assure that Germany had disarmed, each delegate had staring him in his face Foerster's document exposing the fraud.

"In 1932, Foerster was invited to lecture in London before members of Parliament at a meeting of the Royal Society for International Affairs.  He sought vainly to destroy Parliament's illusion about Germany.  He submitted documentary evidence of Germany's plans for world conquest.  He concluded his lecture with these words:  'If you don't use your eyes for seeing, you will need them for weeping.'"

~"The Jury Returns" by Louis Nizer